Achieving Zen With Auto Layout (2nd Edition)

The 2nd edition of my Auto Layout book has been freshly updated to cover all the new layout features in iOS 9. I also took the opportunity to update all the sample code and related projects to use Swift 2.0.

Mastering Auto Layout

I gave a talk at 360iDev 2015 about the new features and functionality in Auto Layout for iOS 9. Consider it the cliffs notes version of the book.


Commit access to popular open source project to automatically convert a Core Data model to source code. Recently spearheaded releases to add support for Objective-C lightweight generics and nullability attributes. Lead work on updating to Swift 2.0 and in-progress to re-architect generator to produce more Swift-centric source code.

CocoaRadio Archives

Though some of the content is a bit dated, I am still proud of the quality and content of the podcast I produced in 2014.