Justin Williams is a software developer with deep experience with developing on iOS and other Apple platforms.

Career Stops

TED, ios Development lead

Lead years-long transition from code base designed for the original iPad and iOS 3.2 to support modern technologies such as Auto Layout, adaptivity, and Swift. Built and deployed first and second generation of TED’s custom video player using AV Foundation. Coordinated, developed, and deployed app in 20 additional languages. Collaborated with other teams in the organization to bring syncing of accounts to the iOS product.


Hipstamatic, Senior iOS Developer 

Designed, developed, and implemented new features for popular camera application Hipstamatic. Assisted in production of Snap Magazine for iPad, which was read by over 100,000 people. In charge of special projects related to sharing both externally and internally within the Hipstamatic ecosystem.

Shrunk my jean size by two inches. Grew a mustache. Listened to a lot of Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons.


HotelTonight, Senior iOS Developer

Implemented accessibility support in the existing iPhone app. Added support for collecting user reviews to iPhone app. Co-developed iPad app from scratch, which was featured by Apple and maintains a 4.5 star rating.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer & Information Technology from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.


iOS, tvOS, watchOS Development – An architect-level iOS engineer with deep experience using Core Data, Auto Layout, AV Foundation.

macOS Development – A senior-level macOS engineer with experience in Core Data, Cocoa Bindings, and desktop to mobile interoperability.


Product Design – A keen eye for crafting great user experiences and using data analysis to verify and validate goals. 

Technical Training – An experienced public speaker, writer, and educator.

Web Services – A mid-level developer with a focus on API design using frameworks like Node and Golang. 

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